A Meditation on the Light of Christ

In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. 

John 1:4-5

The light of the world has come! Tomorrow, we celebrate the coming of Christ who defeated darkness, who conquered death, and who brings us into the presence of God.

Until his birth, the world had been groaning, calling out to the Lord for relief from its sin. We were under the weight of our transgressions, living in darkness. We put our faith in hope that God would soon bring us a savior.

And the Lord loved us and also longed for peace with us–so much so that he was happy when the time came to send Jesus to us for our reconciliation.

Rejoice–be filled with joy! We are no longer living in darkness. We are no longer shackled to death. Despite the trials, pain, and suffering here on earth, through Jesus’ work on the cross, we are saved from death!

Because of God’s great love, we have not perished. We have eternal life. That life is our light in this dark world, by which we now see and in which we now walk.

Merry Christmas, for unto us a child is born, a son is given!

Suggested Meditation

Below is a look at my dialogue with the Holy Spirit while meditating on this passage. I meditate on the same verse every day for at least a week, and this is just a model to get you started. Meditating on scripture is a very personal journey and relationship with God, but you may find my Meditation Guide helpful. Subscribe now to my Newsletter and get immediate access to a Free Printable Library that includes meditation guidelines, a Meditation Journal Page, Scripture Writing pages, and bookmarks for this verse.

In him was life: I picture Christ as the embodiment all of life. Life that death could not overcome.

and that life was the light of all mankind.: I picture his perfect light being mine–shining on me. I bask in it. I walk in it.

The light shines in the darkness,: I see the areas of my life that need Jesus’ light. I ask the Holy Spirit to search me and shine light on me. I am quiet and wait on the Lord.

and the darkness has not overcome it. : I am thankful and empowered by the strength of Jesus’ light in me. I am quiet and feel his strength.

Suggested Breath Prayers

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In him was life

His life is our light

His light overcomes the dark

Additional Support

Single candle for Advent Christmas because Jesus is the light of the world