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Have you ever read a book that resonated so strongly with you, that it shifted the direction of your life (besides the Bible)? Emotionally Healthy Spirituality did it for me. In fact, it was foundational to creating this ministry. It’s more than appropriate that this is the first book I recommend to you!

“Peter Scazzero learned the hard way: You can’t be spiritually mature while remaining emotionally immature” (back cover). In his book, Scazzero leads you through the lessons he learned after a major split in the church he pastored brought him face-to-face with his own shortcomings. They’re hard lessons, but ones that need to be addressed in order to live out a transformed life as a healthy member of our new family in Christ. His teachings made me confront my own separation of my “secular” and “sacred” life, taught me what Biblical meditation is, and showed me how to live a better life with Biblical limits.

The Top Ten Symptoms of Emotionally Unhealthy Spirituality

  1. Using God to run from God

    Review of emotionally healthy spirituality by peter scazzero

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  2. Ignoring anger, sadness, and fear
  3. Dying to the wrong things
  4. Denying the impact of the past on the present
  5. Dividing life into “secular” and “sacred” compartments
  6. Doing for God instead of being with God
  7. Spiritualizing away conflict
  8. Covering over brokenness, weakness, and failure
  9. Living without limits
  10. Judging other people’s spiritual journey

Drawing on scripture, examples from students, and his own transparency, Scazzero walks you through these ten symptoms of unhealthy spirituality and gently shows you how to correct them. I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t need this!

The book is wonderful, but even better–you can sign up for the course! Emotionally Healthy Spirituality (and Emotionally Healthy Relationships) courses are offered all across the country. They include a workbook and a devotional book called The Daily Office. If you’re in the Western New York area, I’m part of a team that is offering the course beginning in January 2019. Comment below for more information.

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