Our Verse of the Week

Your faithfulness continues through all generations; you established the earth, and it endures.

Psalm 119: 90


Last week my daughters and I were honored to be a part of an intercessory prayer team for a HUGE event for believers called Kingdom Bound. It’s held at our main theme park: Six Flags Darien Lake. For three and a half days, groups, families, and individuals came for roller coasters, worship, prayer, fellowship, seminars, and major concerts every evening. Different than the prayer group that was on-call to pray with people, our small group of intercessors prayed separately over the whole event.

In the midst of all that activity and overwhelming stimulation, the three of us carved out quiet space to pray to the Lord for our assigned two hours. I can’t even begin to tell you how precious it was for me to see my next generation lifting up their generation. My girls are only 9 and 14, and we talked about what it would be like to pray for that long: the struggles of distraction, longing to join in, and not knowing what to pray about. But the girls were excited to try, and I knew the Lord would be faithful and gracious in the light of our intent.

The best thing I heard from my younger daughter that day was, “Some people may look at me and think “oh, there’s just another kid.’ But I know I’m a warrior for God.” 

We were warriors! We came together as a family to come together with God to help the Kingdom endure. What a blessing!

Isn’t it amazing that we have such a faithful God that wants to continue pouring out His love on humanity, even in our brokenness? We are unfaithful and undeserving … yet He wants us.

He’s bigger than our sins and mightier than our limited time here on earth!

Suggested Meditation

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Your faithfulness: Father, you are so faithful to us. You created us to love us and you haven’t changed. You still first love us. Thank you for continuing to pour your love out to new generations over and over again. Show me how I can be a part of your faithfulness to others.

continues through all generations: Generation after generation knows your love. You have not grown weary. You have not waned. I worship the one who is not surprised by any newness in our generation; who understands the growing up of each generation. Lord, help me see the patterns and trust in you.

you established the earth: You are the Father of everything. You are larger than creation and time. I rest in your mightiness. I’m comforted that there is no chaos or unknowns.

and it endures: You have it all covered by your love and faithfulness. I lay my anxieties at your feet. You’ve already told us what will happen through to the renewing of our earth so that we will not lose courage or faith. Thank you for loving us so much. Thank you for enduring to the end.

Suggested Breath Prayers

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Faithful to generations

Established the earth

It endures

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