“In returning and rest you shall be saved;

In quietness and confidence shall be your strength.”

But you would not.

Isaiah 30:15

Weekly Meditations

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Is Your Hope in His Faithfulness?

Our hope is only secure if we put it in God's faithfulness. Every time I’ve tried to substitute something of the world for God, it’s let me down. I praise the Lord, who by His very nature, cannot let me down. This week, as we continue studying the attributes of God,...

Do You Know God’s Love?

Sometimes I think I know God’s love … and then I start really pondering it; trying to define it. And it becomes a magnificent thing that I can’t sum up into a bite-sized quote. The whole Bible is His love, the whole world is His love, Jesus is His love. He is love,...

About Amanda Hartrich

I live in Western New York with my husband and our children. We have two young adult sons (one is already living on his own, the other is in college), and two younger daughters (one in high school and one still homeschooled). I’ve been a writer and teacher in some form my whole life, usually within the church or in the fiber arts community. But now the Lord has called me to focus on writing for Him, and I’m honored to do so.
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