Our Verse of the Week

Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful.

Colossians 3:15


Sometimes I have to stand back and really appreciate the work Paul did, through the power of the Holy Spirit, on a cultural level. He helped establish home churches that broke down the barriers between Gentile and Jew, slaves and masters, men and women. Can you imagine?

Here, in the United States, we struggle to break the barriers between skin colors that have only been in existence for a few hundred years. Paul was overcoming prejudices of thousands of years. We create divisions based on if your arms go up during worship or if your knees bow during prayer. Paul brought the chosen people, purified through ritual, food, and law together with their filthy, lawless, dirty neighbors … all through the purifying peace of Jesus.

Isn’t it time we let peace rule our hearts and come together with our brothers and sisters in Christ? Not just within our own churches, but across the full body of Christ?! Isn’t it time to be thankful we have Christ, and they have Christ, and He is big enough to cover us all?

Suggested Meditation

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Let the peace of Christ: Lord, thank you for the peace of Christ that brought me into relationship with you. There is no way I could enter your presence without Jesus. Jesus, your resurrection life gives me life.

rule in your hearts: Spirit, help this peace penetrate my heart and establish a life of peace. Encourage it to grow and spread to my brothers and sisters.

since as members of one body: Because we can all come into your presence through the cleansing blood of Christ, we are together and one. There is no division in your Kingdom and in your presence. I pray that your Kingdom continues to expand and our hearts are brought in line with your will.

you were called to peace: Father, you shout with joy when a lost son or daughter comes home. Help me be joyful with you, and not hardened like the older son in the story of the prodigal. Teach me how to rejoice with all the saints for the beautiful variety of siblings I have in the Kingdom!

And be thankful: Spirit, I want to be thankful in all things. As one called to peace, and His presence, I ask you to continually reveal to me my blessings so that I don’t take them for granted. And show me the precious beauty in others in the body, especially those I find difficult to understand.

Suggested Breath Prayers

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Peace of Christ

One Body

Called to Peace


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