I love scripture writing–it often goes hand-in-hand with my journaling time. This week though, I brought it into my meditations, and what a blessing it was!

God saw all that he had made, and it was very good. And there was evening, and there was morning–the sixth day.

Genesis 1:31

My Reflections on Scripture Writing

Writing scripture has always come naturally to my journaling process. I’ve always found that the connection between my eyes, hands, and mind gives me ownership of the words I’m writing. But I hadn’t really brought it fully into my meditation process until this week.

Some may not distinguish between the two practices, but I do. Journaling is my thoughts, words, and feelings going out into the world–sometimes to God, sometimes to you guys, sometimes to my imagined self.

Meditation, on the other hand, is an openness to the presence of God, allowing Him to make me aware of Himself in any way He’d like. It includes quiet, stillness, listening, experiencing, and receiving. It’s gazing upon Him and His words, allowing them to roll around in my head as long as they’d like.

I struggle to express what’s going on within me in the meditation examples each week, for those are far too many words for what actually happens. It’s more about imagery, emotion, and releasing, which is hard to explain.

Using Scripture Writing as a Meditation

So I assumed adding scripture writing into my meditation time would be a distraction–far too much movement for my taste. But I was pleasantly surprised! I’m not sure I’ll do this every week, but here’s a quick rundown of what I did. As always, this is between you and God, so make it your own!

  1. Silence.
  2. Slowly (very slowly) write out the scripture while allowing your mind to rest on each word as you put it down.
  3. Take moments of silence every time scripture brings forth an image, curiosity, or an emotion. Yes–stop writing in the middle of the verse if something catches your eye.
  4. Finish the verse (if you want to), and go back to the beginning. Mark the first place the Spirit moved in you. Underline it.
  5. Rest your eyes on that word, allow the Lord to speak to you through His Word in your handwriting. What a beautiful combination that is!
  6. Do it again the next day with the same verse.

A quick note about repetition (you may have noticed I do that a lot around here!)–Repetition can either be boring and tedious, or it can allow you to get the “thinking” out of the way with the first pass or two, so that transformation can begin when you experience it a third, fourth or hundredth time. You have to have the correct attitude toward repetition for it to be effective.

My Experience This Week

As I worked through the process each day, I encountered a subtle shift in focus and connotation.

I pondered God really seeing His creation: across the expanse of the world and across time. He saw me then; He sees me now. He saw it all, not just the perfection of the beginning, but the fall, the redemption, the end . . . and it was very good.

The process convicted me anew of His ownership of everything: He created, and He was pleased. It’s all His. Always has been; always will be. With that in mind, I focused on being a part of His creation, instead of me being a creator myself.

I settled into the rhythms of “ there was evening, and there was morning” that have been established from the beginning. This natural, and holy, passing of time. About 12 hours of daylight, and 12 hours of darkness . . . God created it and worked within those boundaries.

I focused on submitting to His holy, natural rhythms.

A Gift For You

I loved this practice so much, that I’ve decided to include it in my free weekly printables that my subscribers receive. You also get journaling worksheets, bookmarks, and weekly emails with meditations delivered every Monday morning. Get yours now.

Your Turn

I’d love to hear what you’ve been meditating on this week. Were you focused on our weekly verse? Or did the Lord lead you somewhere else?

Feel free to comment here or in our Facebook group.

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