Ever since I could remember, I wanted to follow Jesus and serve Him, but it took me a long time to learn what that meant.

A Devotional Meditation on John 12:26

“If anyone serves Me, he must follow Me; and where I am, there my servant will be also.” –Jesus

John 12:26

My Thoughts on Following Jesus

I thought I had this concept down: I was praying all the time for Christ to lead me. During my day, as I encountered problems, I would pray that He would show me what to do. I was making Jesus a type of personal sherpa through my life.

I wasn’t getting it.

I must follow Jesus, yes, but I shouldn’t ask Him to lead my life, I should follow Christ to where He already is.

It begs the question: Where is Christ?

Is he up ahead of me as a personal tour guide for my life? Or is he with the lepers, the prostitutes, the disciples, the hurting, the tax collectors . . . the Lord? Shouldn’t I be there as well?

The difference between the paths is subtle, but has huge ramifications. One is your life that you ask Jesus to lead. The other is Jesus’ life that you step into. Instead of asking Jesus to lead, we need to get quiet, seek Him, and follow where He goes.

He tells us He has a path ready for us–it’s not our path He’s prepared, it’s a spot by His side, on His path. And, amazingly, you’re uniquely called to fill it. He’s already there, a step ahead, showing you where He’s going.

“I am the way, the truth, and the life.”

As we meditate this week, take some time to listen to Jesus, and see where He’s standing, calling you to join him.

Suggested Meditation

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If anyone serves Me: Jesus, I am your servant. I long to fulfill your work here on earth, for you. I have so much to learn; show me how to serve you. I’m quiet and picture myself submitting wholly to Jesus.

he must follow Me: I will follow. I want to continually watch what you do and where you go. And I picture myself going there also. I’m quiet with the image of following Jesus.

and where I am: I picture you in the hard places of this world. I study where you’ve gone, and I look for you in the world now. I go to the place you’ve already prepared and are starting to work. Silently, I let you show me where you are.

there my servant will be also–I am there by your side. I see myself stepping up beside you to do your work. To reach the people you’re loving and need me to tend to. I’m still.

Suggested Breath Prayers

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Serve Christ

Follow Christ

Where Christ Is

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