The 23rd Psalm is a classic. But sometimes with the weight of being deemed a classic comes the heavy burden of becoming stale. Let’s freshen things up by slowing down and turning new eyes to our meditation verse.

Our Verse of the Week: Psalm 23:2

He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters.

Psalm 23:2


I’ll be praying for all of us to use new eyes, full of wonder as we meditate. We’ll even just focus on the second verse of the chapter to pull it out of context a bit. If you’re new to scripture, or mediation, I encourage you to read the whole chapter.

You may find you need to take things slower than usual. Sometimes when a verse is too familiar to me, I have to sit with each word longer to allow the Spirit to get through the old stuff and bring forth new.

And how appropriate … we need to slow down to refocus on this verse that speaks of slowing down and resting.

What has this verse brought to mind in your past? What now? How may it speak to you in the future?

Suggested Meditation

Below is a look at my dialogue with the Holy Spirit while meditating on this passage. I meditate on the same verse every day for at least a week, and this is just a model to get you started. Meditating on scripture is a very personal journey and relationship with God, but you may find my Meditation Guide helpful. Subscribe now to my Newsletter and get immediate access to a Free Printable Library that includes meditation guidelines, a Meditation Journal Page, Scripture Writing pages, and bookmarks for this verse.

He: God, Lord, Father, Shepherd. How I love your many faces and names. I worship you for being the Great I Am, everything I need.

makes me: You control my rest. You know what is good for me, and when I need it. Thank you for being a loving leader that is always looking out for my welfare. Even when I struggle against you, thinking I know better, you will make sure my needs are met. Lord, open my eyes to your ways and your will. Give me the wisdom to follow where you lead and do what you instruct.

lie down: Thank you for giving me rest. Thank you for giving me comfort. Thank you for seeing to my needs and reaching toward me. So often I find myself struggling toward you, but you remind me that you’ve already come to me. I just need to rest and enjoy your presence.

in green pastures,: You lead me to safe places. You guide me to times and seasons of rest that are full of goodness and blessings. You delight when I am delighted by my blessings. Father, help me accept your gifts and celebrate the goodness you surround me with.

he leads me: I will follow your gentle leading. You are not behind me, nipping at my heels, forcing me on toward the unknown. You are before me showing me the way. Thank you for leading me well. I pray for continued grace as I learn to follow.

beside quiet waters: You are my living water. You are the quiet peace and surrender I long for. You are my sustenance and my life-force. I only need to follow. I praise your love and power.

Suggested Breath Prayers

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Make me lie down

Green Pastures

He leads me

Quiet waters

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