What should our work on earth look like now?

Our Verse of the Week

The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it.

Genesis 2:15


Do you ever think about work in heaven? Honestly, I think about spending my time in heaven pursuing my hobbies that I love to do, not have to do. It is heaven, after all! I’ve created a schism: there’s my calling here on earth that is helping to further God’s plan (work), and then there’s fun relaxation in paradise.

However, the first thing God blessed Adam with was work to do. Even in the paradise of the Garden of Eden, man had a God-given purpose. I can only assume that when the earth is restored to its glory, we’ll still have “work.”

Though we use the same word, “work,” to describe activity before and after the fall, this “work” was not and will not be labor. It was not toil. That’s what we experience now after the fall, and why we’re often unsettled by the strain. It’s why I have a divide between work and hobby.

Can you imagine work–purpose–that you know is God-given, free of toil, and will be successful? A blessing from the Lord that you’re honored and excited to do? Shouldn’t our life here and now be a reflection of, and a preparation for, what’s to come?

Suggested Meditation

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The Lord God took the man: Father, I can see you gently taking up Adam. I can see you gently taking me up. I know I sometimes struggle against you … you give me the freedom to do that. But help me see your kind and loving hands. Help me relax and know that you are taking me to your perfect place — that just as you cared for Adam, you are caring for me.

and put him: Lord, you knew exactly where to put Adam, and you know exactly where you’ve put me. My placement in this world was no accident, it was divinely appointed by you. It was lovingly chosen by you. Chosen, not just for my own happiness and blessing, but so that I could fulfill the purpose you need me for. Thank you, Lord.

in the Garden of Eden: Adam was in the garden, free of pain and toil. And you promise me that I’ll be free of pain and toil someday as well. Father, show me what you need me to do here before I get there. Open my eyes to the steps I need to take, and strengthen me as I work for you.

to work it: Adam had a purpose in the garden and it was a blessing. Thank you, Lord, that you give me a purpose in this fallen world; help me see it, always, as a blessing. Adam’s work in paradise was light, but Jesus promises that his yoke is light as well. Thank you, Father, for giving me Jesus.

and take care of it: Lord, there’s more now to take care of then there was for Adam. We care for people and the world as it decays; Adam had only success. I need your strength and power to continue to care for this world. Our work here is never ending, but I’m thankful for the day when we see the earth restored. I know the care I’ve poured into people here will be seen in perfection in the age to come. 

Suggested Breath Prayers

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God took the man

To work

To care for

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